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mvStudio builds on 25 years' experience creating 4GLs and client/server solutions to bring you a powerful development environment for todays' MultiValue applications.

A complete development and runtime environment, mvStudio equips seasoned Multivalue developers with the tools they need to create modern, engaging applications for desktop and intranet, and a foundation for web.

mvStudio applications live on the server and run on a client, so all changes are immediately visible to everyone. Choose from a feature rich thick client installed on your desktop for power users, or a sandboxed client downloaded through a browser for zero impact deployment.



Solid Application Foundations.

Like all good business development platforms, mvStudio applications are built on a data model that brings a consistency to your application, from validation and data typing, selection and assistance right through to the choice of presentation tooling. mvStudio ensures a define once, use everywhere model.

mvStudio is designed with both new and legacy applications in mind. You canapply the data model to new files, create views to tie multiple files together for ease or build upon virtual tables based on a subroutine API for complete flexibility interfacing with existing applications. mvStudio generates interface routines that let you call into these from legacy code to pool the validation and updates, or you can build this as a layer on top of your legacy routines.




Visual Appeal.

mvStudio is built for client/server and includes all the tools necessary to create engaging applications and workflows that maximize the efficiency of your applications. Traditional tools such as menus, lists, reports, data entry screens, dialogs and  commands sit beside embedded web forms and mvScript enabled pages to bring complete design flexibility, all whilst still respecting the mvStudio model.

mvStudio features top class design surfaces for screens and dialogs, and fully features editors for Basic, mvStudio scripts, server side scripts and test cases.



Made for Developers.

mvStudio is made for MultiValue developers. The mvStudio language is an enhanced version of UniBasic, with extensions for event orientation, calling properties and methods on tools, and interacting with a truly visual environment, so your developers can feel at home.

Make use of your existing legacy code and routines either through the data model or by calling subroutines directly from the client.

Server side scripts bridge the gap between server and client: similar to UniBasic subroutines in structure, they can interact with the client in a way that is impossible with regular subroutines to give feedback, request input and drive the client.

mvStudio was the inspiration for mvTest and includes a simple unit test runner.


mvStudio Script

Lazy Programming

What makes mvStudio truly unique is the optional support for lazy programming by importing and exporting Application Definition Language (ADL) scripts to lay out your database and tool definitions alongside the visual design tools.

ADL presents your assets in a simple text based format  with familiar idioms that is easy to write, easy to understand and simple to manage, perfect for prototyping, rapid development, version control and deployment.

If you are coming from a traditional multivalue environment, ADL is a comfortable half way house between the visual and traditional design, and developers quickly fall in love with its convenience.


ADL Script

Not Just a Pretty Face

mvStudio is a blend of sophistication with apparent simplicity.

The data model abstracts much of the complexity of your application into a business layer, so that you are free to work with screens and other tools without having to worry about the detail.

mvStudio makes it easy to write engaging applications with minimum effort, with tools and features built directly into its framework, well chosen components and a Visual Studio like interface for flexible working.

And because all tools are objects, they can be customized at runtime to bring the benefits of code reuse. Why create ten lists when you can easily customize one?


mvStudio Look

Bring your Data Alive

An effective GUI is not just buttons and text boxes: it adds value to the information held in your system by allowing you to present quality and quantity of information quickly and efficiently.

From lists that can drive processing or export to Excel, to a fully featured banded report designer, mvStudio offers all the reporting power you would expect from a top flight development tool.

But beyond that, the web forms provide a perfect bridge between web design and desktop convenience.

Integrate standard libraries such as Google Visualization or leverage the supplied charting to build management dashboards or simply use good web design principles to present complex information quickly and give your existing legacy application and developers a new lease of life.



mvStudio with Visualization

No Compromise

mvStudio is built on sound MultiValue principles so you can rest assured that it will perform and handle the most arduous of tasks as well as any traditional application.

By combining best multivalue practice with a high quality user experience mvStudio brings multivalue right into the 21st century.


What's not to like? Try it today.