Extend your knowledge or discover for yourself the power of MultiValue with a staged set of learning materials you can follow at your own pace or check out the standard and bespoke instructor-led training options.

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Self Paced Training - UniVerse Enquiry

190 pages, 7.44" x 9.68"
UniVerse from Rocket Software, is a dynamic and powerful platform supporting a bewildering range of real world business critical applications. At the heart of this platform lie a highly approachable metadata-driven enquiry language and a flexible three dimensional data model. This volume, the first in a three part series of self paced training courses covering the UniVerse platform, uncovers that data model, allowing the student to discover and make the best use of the information held in their UniVerse systems and acts as a foundation for the other guides in this series. The book covers the fundamental structures of the UniVerse database, the use of files and dictionaries, how to find and present information, sorting and searching, grouping and summary operations, report formatting and complex calculations through creating expressions.

Self Paced Training - UniVerse Server

500 pages, 7.44" x 9.68"
This volume, the second in a three part series of self paced training courses covering the UniVerse platform, lifts the lid on the vital role of the Server Developer in providing the core business logic that lies behind some of the most powerful client/server and internet solutions. The course covers the two main application languages, the creation and use of metadata and dictionaries, patterns for working with data, locking strategies, code structure, building robust applications and more advanced facilities for working with network and device programming, external data sources and XML.

Self Paced Training - UniVerse Client

352 pages, 7.44" x 9.68"
This volume, the third in a three part series of self paced training courses covering the Rocket Software UniVerse platform, extends the model to client/server development using the Microsoft .NET platform. The course covers UniObjects, the native middleware for building high performance transactional applications for U2 systems, and standard relational protocols ODBC, OleDB and ADO.NET. The course is suitable for both new and experienced developers, leading the student step by step with worked examples and lab exercises.