Free Guides and Educational Materials to get you started with MultiValue technologies.

Free Getting Started Guides.

I love working with MultiValue (U2) systems, so I've created these guides to help anyone get up to speed on this exciting technology:

Writing your First U2 Application
Working with UniVerse, UniData and Microsoft Visual Studio, learn to build a complete client/server application from scratch.
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Rocket UniVerse Daily Administration
Learn how to set up and manage a Rocket Software UniVerse system including file system, user and device management.

NEW How To Guides

MultiValue technologies are huge, so here is a new set of targeted guides looking a different parts of the jigsaw.
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Incubator Project.

Learn by example by seeing how other developers have built applications using a standard demonstration database.

Incubator Project Guide
Explains the thinking behind the Incubator and the creation of a live-like database to showcase development techniques.

Bookstore Database
Demostration database for an online book store with a life-like history of transactions.

C# Client
Simple client application written in C# with Windows Forms to demonstrate the UniObjects API.