Modular courses and jump start packages tailored to help you make the most of MultiValued and interfacing technologies.
Classroom Learning

A Different Approach

Engaging, vibrant, dynamic training given on MultiValue. Sounds crazy? Not at all.

My courses are designed to showcase MultiValue in the modern world, to help bring new talent to an appreciation of the power and flexibility of this platform and to refresh and update the skills and approaches of seasoned developers.

Would you start off today with a TELNET prompt? Of course not. The Developer Courses start with .NET, teaching U2 through the lens of the Object Model.

Students learn to build a working .NET application against a UniVerse or UniData back end: as they work through each of the classes in the UniObjects / .NET Toolkit model, so they discover how to use each aspect of the U2 application platform in tandem with the best tools and technologies of the day, before diving into the world of MultiValue behind the scenes to harness the features of data model, learn about files and metadata, create commands, run selections, create XML listings with the enquiry languages and write stored procedures in the rich business languages.

Learn best practices for writing robust, high quality, maintainable and testable code. We encourage students to look outside the box, beyond traditional models for working with data.

Beyond Traditional MultiValue

For developers looking to up-skill, you will find courses on U2 Python and new features including Auditing and Replication.

For Web Developers I offer customised courses using Angular or VueJS, TypeScript, REST and WebAPI to build functioning single page applications.

For experienced Developers and QA alike, I teach Test Driven Development, unit testing and bringing Agile practices to bear on MultiValue development.

Learn how modern practices and eXtreme Programming techniques like pair programming can adapt to the different workflows of MultiValue development. Discover how to Design for Testability, and the benefits that automated testing, from unit tests through to continuous integration, can bring to your delivery cycle and code quality.
Classroom Learning

Online and Offline Training

I know how difficult it can be for developers to take time away from business as usual to accommodate training. Most of the instructor-led training courses are offered online as a series of half-day sessions, making it easier to coordinate with the daily needs of the business and to allow students the opportunity to reflect and to ask questions.

Originally created especially for the UK Government Apprentice programme, I offer a series of instructional videos walks students step by step through the UniVerse MultiValue platform, using Amazon Web Service or UniVerse Personal Edition.

And if formal training is not an option, my self paced learning guides and free publications are there to help bring new developers into the MultiValue fold.


I offer modular and bespoke courses in addition to the formal content below.

Contact me for a brochure or to discuss your training needs.

Example courses:
  • Test Driven Development with mvTest
  • UniVerse and UniData Fundamentals
  • UniVerse and UniData Administration
  • UniVerse and UniData Developer
  • Using Python with UniVerse
  • Using Encryption, Auditing and Replication
  • Using GIT for Source Code Control
Or browse for publications and self paced learning materials.


For most clients seeking to modernize their practices or scale out their teams, training is offered as part of a guided program of consultancy and follow up tailored to the individual needs of the organization.