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Distribute documents and Messages.

Designed as a companion piece to mvPDF, mvDistributor provides real time or asychronous processing for sending documents or messages via email, FTP or other routes from within your MultiValue application.

mvDistributor runs as a service application controlled through a basic API, and is bundled with full copies of mvPDF or available as a stand-alone application.

Low Level Control.

mvDistributor provides a single point of control to handle your document and file distribution needs: whether sending your invoices over email, securing purchase orders, or sending files to remote archives.

mvDistributor is controlled using a function library that extends your MultiValue Basic for full developer support, or through convenient command line tools.


/SUBJECT "hello"
/MESSAGE "Meet me for lunch today at 12:00"
/ATTACH "c:\temp\directions.jpg"

Email and File Transfer

mvDistributor has a built in SMTP client with MIME attachment and auto-sensing HTML.

Send emails synchronously or queue them to be sent asynchronously and check the status through a job control API.

mvDistributor has a built in FTP client with get and send facilities for synchronous and asynchronous operations.

Or just copy, read and write files on remote Windows systems.

Prepare and Secure your Data.

  • ZIP files and directories ready for transmission.
  • Symmetric encryption including RSA, 3DES and Blowfish
  • Public key x.509 certificate based encryption.
  • Digital signatures and PKCS#7 message digests.