Free Windows Editor.

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  • UD
  • D3
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The Best Free Editor?

mvDeveloper is a free Windows based editor for U2, D3 and OpenQM with a flexible syntax model that can adapt to different flavours of MultiValue Basic including site conventions like auto-documentation and precompilers.

Shortcut keys like next and previous (subroutine) label make for fast navigation around your code, along with one-click open subroutines and include files.

In place format, compile and catalog with support for your own front end commands make this the most flexible free editor for MultiValue developers.

Not Just UniBasic

mvDeveloper supports major forms of MultiValue Basic, alongside paragraphs, PROC (with highlighting for PQ and PQN styles), scripts including mvScript, mvStudio and mvTest and a range of other languages, allowing you to manage many of your assets in a single location.

Override the standard compile and catalog commands with site-specific options at a global or per-account basis and use the Snippet Library to organize and share standard templates and code samples for the way you work.



Not Just Code.

Need to change that 28th set of associated values in a data item?

Oh, and it is a date or time value?

mvDeveloper's Value Editor pivots data items to make editing individual values a breeze. Just one example of the way mvDeveloper was written to ease the pain of real world development.

Other features include the Dictionary Editor (right) and Command run and capture.



Integration Features.

Out of the box, mvDeveloper is a true client/server application with record locking for safe updating, keep-alives and local auto-saving to protect your work against network failure.

The mvDeveloper API extends the feature set with a user-created hidden back end subroutine to intercept server operations, allowing for a single point of logging, auditing and restriction; source code control integration; override for selections and build processing; version history and the like.


I use mvDeveloper practically every day and have filled it with features that I find invaluable for managing MultiValue code across all the databases I support.

I hope you will find it as useful as I do.