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MAKETABLE deals with the perennial issue of managing files in a MultiValue database: how to keep a clean and consistent definition when you have individual dictionaries and phrases, indices are defined on the hoof and INCLUDE files of field name equates (and you do equate your field numbers, don't you?) need to match the content.

With source control systems like GIT requiring developers to manage all their assets - including database side - in a legible format to allow for merging and resolving merge conflicts, it becomes all the more important that your database definitions are held in a clear, textual representation that can be shared and deployed to give an unambigous view of what your database looks like at any one point in time.

Remember that the moment you use a dictionary item - for a report, a SELECT statement or SelectIndex, as part of an mvPDF merge or tool such as EXPORT - it becomes part of your application and needs to be treated and respected like all your other source code.

MAKETABLE is a free tool to do that.



Simple and Clear

MAKETABLE uses ADL scripting to define your files and their structure including:

  • File types, sizes and subjects
  • Synonyms and paths for reporting dictionaries.
  • Dictionary definitions (I, D and legacy A and S)
  • Secondary indices
  • Contact me for a version for SB+ fields


MAKETABLE builds your files, dictionaries and indices

MAKETABLE generates INCLUDE files with field equates.

BuildTableScript builds your MAKETABLE scripts from existing files and dictionaries.

MAKETABLE makes it easy to version stamp, comment and manage your files.