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Code Conversion

Created for a long established software company with an industry leading application, a wide customer base and an advanced team of .NET developers already in place, the UniBasic to C# Converter does what it says on the tin: rewrites your UniBasic code into functionally equivalent C#.

With a strong focus on maintainability and future proofing, the resulting C# is legible and backed by an extensive library of functions and a class model that leads to free flowing code.


UniBasic to C#


Creating a code converter is only part of the challenge.

To handle the functionality of UniBasic requires specialized types including dynamic arrays and typeless variables that operate in the same way as UniBasic, a foundation library packed full of your favourite functions like DCount and Locate, XML and UDO emulation libraries, and more.

Understanding the Differences

UniBasic and C# come from different worlds, and many of the seeming equivalents - just aren't.

From low level concepts such as the very different understanding of true and false, arithmetic changes, string comparisons and nullity, to control structures such as FOR..UNTIL..NEXT, CASE, GOSUB and our favourite LOOP, none of these have direct equivalents in the C# world.

Intelligent parsing, code choices, customized templates and method overloading all contribute to making the final code supportable and performant.

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