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Server Side Editor

Z ("Zed") is a free server side screen based editor with syntax highlighting for MultiValue Basic, PROC and paragraphs.

Whilst more limited than mvDeveloper by nature of the platform, Z is an essential tool when you need to be close to the metal or cannot run a client/server connection to a system.

Z is supplied as source code, so you can tailor it to your requirements and add in any extra features you find useful!


Z Screen Editor

Quick and Easy

Open and flip between multiple items with copy and paste between them, and run forward through select lists just like a regular server editor.

Shortcut keys like next and previous (subroutine) label make for fast navigation around your code, and Z is packed full of editing tricks and shortcuts.

Here are just a few of its features.


  • Function keys for save, search, format, compile, TCL shell etc.
  • Sequence and resequence lines.
  • Go to label, go to word.
  • Insert date, time, version stamp, code snippets.
  • Comment and uncomment blocks.
  • Set and jump to bookmarks.