SQL Tools

Rip data to SQL

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SQLExtract does one thing: rips data from UniVerse to SQL, fast.

SQLExtract pushes data to a remote source using simple maps and the minimum of formatting. By design, it is not dictionary driven or as feature rich as mvConduit. This is designed to do one thing, as quickly as possible.

SQLExtract can rip data directly from UniVerse files at the operating system level for all file types excepting type 25, to CSV for bulk loading or direct to SQL server using SQL Client.

CSV rip available on Windows, Linux and Solaris. SQL Rip only on Windows.

Contact me for more information.


SQLManager populates your data warehouse.

SQLManager integrates into your application to populate remote data sources and data warehoueses with the minimum of fuss and maximum performance.

Use SQL Manager with index triggers or replication to capture changes and integrate them into your data warehouse using simple mappings and bulk merge semantics so there are the fewest possible layers between your systems and the export.

Requires UniVerse with Python support.

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