Free Screen Entry Tool.

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Screen Entry Tool

ENTER is a simple but surprisingly powerful tool for specifying data entry and display screens.

ENTER uses a dictionary driven, command line based syntax for screen painting and offers all the features to be expected of a 4GL whilst remaining easy to use and of course, free.

ENTER is available as a single stand-alone program or as a subroutine that can be called interactively from within an application, making it a perfect choice for everything from one-off administration and maintenance screens to rapid prototypes, or even for making quick data fixes and edits safely.


ENTER Screen Entry Tool

ENTER Syntax

ENTER screens are defined using a simple command line syntax that makes it easy to use and extend.

ENTER commands include screen layout, fields and associations and a range of standard validations and lookups.

ENTER also handles cross-file updates and has an API that allows you to hook in custom subroutines for your own validations and updates.

Flexible and Capable

ENTER is designed to run anywhere with minimal support and setup, and is highly configurable through INI file style entries that define the keystroke handling, cursor support, integration with third party or custom subroutines and many behaviours.

ENTER includes specific emulation for PRIME SIMPLE including screen sequencing.

And of course, ENTER is supplied in source code so you can tailor it to your own conventions.


ENTER Screen Entry Tool


ENTER Screen Entry Tool